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What We Offer
- Information - Support - Solutions -

Love locks for parent support
Geoboard Game for school support
Students working at the same table for student support

Offering one-to-one and group work sessions, parents will gain information about special education and how to work with their child’s school to ensure an appropriate education. At AL, parents find connection and validation of their experiences through organized parent groups. AL is solution-oriented. We focus on what works and why, and help parents implement these solutions for success. Some services are available online, while others are only available to families in Arizona.

AL works with schools and school districts to reframe the language and change the conversation about diverse abilities to create more inclusive, empathetic school environments and communities. This support is currently only available for Arizona schools.

AL supports students in strength-based, ability-affirming work sessions, which build confidence and resilience. Many neurodiverse children and teens have developed low self-esteem by being in environments which do not understand them. AL helps these children and teens reflect on who they are and learn to love what makes them amazing! These are in-person and currently only available for students in Arizona.

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